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YPA invites young professionals (ages 21 – 40) in WNC to become YPA Members for an annual membership fee of $50. We encourage you to chat with your employer and see if they would be willing to invest in your professional growth with YPA. 

What do you get? 36+ events per year planned by your Young Professionals of Asheville Board Members to further your professional development and so much more! Non-members are encouraged to participate and will not be charged to attend YPA’s non-members-only events.

Why YPA?

As a member, you may now take advantage of the following benefits ($500+ in annual membership benefits):

(x12) Social Events

Are held once per month at various exciting venues around Asheville that you'll want to come back to later. They are usually held on Thursdays from 5:30pm – 7:30pm so they don't interfere with your regular work schedule. We occasionally include a free drink ticket or provide appetizers at the venue ($5-$15 value per event when that happens).

(x12) Community Service Events

Offer an opportunity to volunteer for a local cause supporting health, education, social support, or other community issues each month (dates held do change from month to month to allow for most participation). This is also a wonderful opportunity to learn about how to serve your community regardless of your talents, try something new, and connect with your fellow YPA members. Occasionally we may raise funds for a cause as well.

(x12) Professional Development Events

We do our best to connect you to valuable professional development speakers who are in-demand leaders in their respective fields. These events are typically held on a Friday at 8:30 am and cover a variety of topics ranging from entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, personal development, and more. Our speakers are often professional presenters who have donated their time to the YPA ($20-$50 value per event).

(x3+) Members-Only Events 

Are exclusive events held at least three (3) times per year, are members-only events, and focused on creating better relationships with the community and each other. These events typically include tasty appetizers and 1-2 drink tickets per event ($10-$25 value/event).

(x1) End of Year (EOY) Party - June

Our end of (fiscal) year social is not one you'll ever want to miss! Held in June, this event comes with live music, heavy appetizers, and one drink ticket, and is included in your membership dues ($50+ value).

(x1) Holiday Party - December

Our holiday party is another spectacular event included in your membership dues! We hold this event in December. It often has a theme (mascarade anyone?). We sometimes combine a giving event to celebrate that time of the year! Heavy appetizers, live music, and a drink ticket are included. Who doesn’t love a holiday bash! ($50+ value).

Discounts On Additional Non-YPA Specific Events (often $10+ values)

  • Leadership AVL Breakfast Buzz Events
  • WomanUP
  • And more to come!

Private Members-Only Facebook Group

This FB group is an online platform for you to connect with other members virtually. We encourage you to share about your businesses, events, inspiring ideas, resources for the group, and community happenings. Our board members also strive to add to the conversation with career opportunities and curated professional development content.

In addition, you’ll have –

  • Opportunities to be elected to the YPA Board
  • Ability to vote for annual YPA Board members
  • Receive frequent e-newsletters with updated events
  • You can utilize the YPA Member logo on your website

To recap, that's 36+ events planned by your Young Professionals of Asheville Board Members in the Asheville area worth way more than our membership fee of $50. Again, that's a $500/year value for a small investment on your part ($50/year). Its a no-brainer. The real question is - Why not?

YPA Professional Benefits

YPA Member Benefits

  • Monthly Social events
  • Monthly Community Service opportunities
  • Monthly Professional Development workshops
  • Eligible to vote for and be elected to the YPA Board
  • Utilize the YPA Member logo on your website
  • Discounts on partner events (Leadership AVL Breakfast Buzz, WomanUP, and more)
  • Members-only events
  • Members-only Facebook group
  • Members-only LinkedIn group
  • FREE Admission to Annual End of Year Party and Holiday Party (if you aren't a member you'll be asked to pay the annual membership fee to attend $50)
YPA Social Events

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