YPA Sponsors

Sponsorship Opportunities

See the logos above? Those are from the awesome sponsors the Asheville Chamber of Commerce helped us arrange. Each of them not only helps connect us to their own young professionals but also either gave a monetary donation to our organization or made an in-kind donation of their services to help us better facilitate the building of our wonderful community of 21-40-year-old individuals. Please do help us by supporting them by learning more about what they do that is AWESOME!

Want to join them? We've got annual sponsorships available through the chamber of commerce for levels ranging from $750-$3,000. You could also sponsor an event whether it is a professional development, community service, social event or either of our holiday or fiscal-year-end parties (which are awesome enough many individuals join YPA simply to attend these amazing MEMBERS-ONLY events). We can work out the specifics given there is a mutual benefit and we can advertise for each other mutually - recommended ranges are $100-$1,000 - LETS TALK! Please reach out via email or any of our social media accounts.